Express Phone Repair Service

“Jump the queue and have your phone repaired fast!”

Express Mobile Phone Repair Service

Postal or Walk-in Repairs

Priority Service

Do you need your mobile phone or tablet repaired fast?

Jump the queue with our new Rapid Express Phone Repair Service.

This service is suitable for mobile phone repairs and Tablet Repairs

By choosing our express service, you will be paying up front for your repair instead of after the repair.

By doing this we can order any parts you may need such as LCD screens or speakers, and reserve them ready for when your phone reaches our repair center.

How does it work?

  • Complete the repair form on our home page or contact us instore or call 01977 695763.
  • We will send you ¬†a Paypal request if its a postal repair or collect a deposit instore.
  • Once your payment or instore deposit has been received, we will reserve the parts required for your repair.
  • Send your phone to us or arrange a walk in store appointment , if its an instore repair you will be be able to choose if you leave your phone with us until completed or take your phone with you until your reserved part has arrived
  • When we receive your phone, it will take priority over other repairs as it is already paid for and parts have been reserved.
  • By reserving the parts before your phone arrives, it ensures we can offer the fastest possible turnaround on your repair, usually having it repaired and returned to you the same day it arrives.

**By selecting royal mail special delivery option, you will benefit from next working day tracked return by 1pm on working days and Royal Mail postal insurance** This service is not available for water damage repairs

How is this faster than a normal phone repair?
Normally, if your phone is sent to us and we don’t have the parts in stock to repair it, we would have to order parts which can take up to 1 to 2 working¬†days to arrive. Once the repair is complete, we have to contact you and await payment from you. This can also take a few days depending on the availability of the customer. By paying up front it means we can begin ordering parts if they are out of stock, so they will arrive the same day as your phone. Also, as the repair is already paid for, we don’t have to wait for confirmation from the customer. This reduces phone repair time by as much as 70%.

Are there any restrictions?
Due to the nature of some repairs, we may not be able to offer the rapid service. Repairs on liquid damage are excluded from this service. There are also a few times when our supplier may be out of stock for the parts you need. If this is the case, we will contact you immediately and inform you of any delays.

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