Mobile Phone Repair Specialists
Mobile Phone Repair Specialists


Here’s a list of some of the questions frequently asked by our customers before choosing to send their phone to us. If there’s a question you have that isn’t covered below, feel free to ask us

Q: What repairs can you do?
A: All out of warranty water repairs including software reflashing, replacement screens and other repairs not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Q: What is your success rate with water damaged phones?
A: We have up to 95% success rate with water damage repairs.

Q: I broke my screen, how long will I be without my phone?
A:Repairs on LCD screens and software are usually done the same day your phone arrives or from 1 hour instore (subject to stock). We have a rapid service available which would allow us to order any parts required before your phone arrives to make your repair as quick as possible.

Q: What about water damage? How long would you need my phone?
A:Repairs on liquid or water damage can take around 3 to 5 days depending on how severe the damage is. This is due to the complex nature of treating water damage. We may also need to order additional parts for your phone.

Q: Why should I send my phone / tablet to you?
A: We Have Experienced Technicians who will work directly in store with your phone and yourself to give you the best service possible at a competitive price

Q: I have been told my phone was Water Damaged (BER) how could you help?
A: We specialise in repairing Water Damaged Phones, and can attempt to repair your phone. Please remember that not all repairs on liquid damaged phones are possible.

Q: What does BER mean?
A: Beyond economical repair

Q: How do I send my phone to you?
A: Follow the instructions on the packing instructions page here

Q: Why isn’t my phone insured whilst on your premises?
A: Because your phone is damaged the insurance companies will not insure your phone in its present condition and would only be categorized as scrap value.

Q: Will my manufacturers warranty be void?
A: Any accidental damage or services provided by independent companies voids the manufacturers’ warranty.

Q: Why can’t you charge me a fixed fee?
A: Various makes and models all require individual parts in the repair process, which are all costed differently. Until the phone is taken apart, we cannot assess the extent of the problem and the parts required to rectify it.