Mobile Phone Accessories

Why not take advantage of these great offers on accessories while having your phone repaired. We have a range of accessories to fit most make and model of phone. As our stock is always changing, it is near impossible to list all the accessories we have for every model of phone. In general, we stock the items below, but if there’s something specific you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to ask.

Wallets/Book Cases

We always recommend you keep your phone protected in a wallet. They offer protection from all sides and cover the screen. They usually have slots for things like receipts, cards or cash depending on the model, so you can keep everything that’s important to you in one place.

All our wallets are moulded for individual models of phone, so they guarantee a snug fit. They also have access points for the camera, charging port and buttons, so you never have to take the phone out of the case.

Normally, our wallets are £10, but if you have your phone repaired with us, we can offer you a reduced price of £8. The wallets are usually available in Black, White or Pink. Please ask if you would like to find out if we have any other colours in stock.


S–line gel cases

These gel cases offer great protection for your phone, without adding too much to the size or weight. They’re made of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is a stiff gel type substance similar to rubber.

An S-line gel will cover the back and sides of your phone, and add additional grip due to the textures edges on the case. They’re moulded to fit each phone, so are exactly the size required with cut outs for the camera, buttons and charging port. All the external frame edges will be under the gel which means it will be help protect the frame and edges from getting scuffs and scratches.

Gel cases are normally £7, but if you repair your phone with us, we can offer them to you at a reduced price of £5. They’re available for most make and model of phone in various colours. Let us know which model you’re looking for, and we will let you know what colours are in stock

For availability – of models,  colours and styles please email us at


Tempered glass screen protectors

These thin glass sheets offer an extra level of protection for your phone by absorbing most of the impact your phone receives when it is dropped. You can find out more about the tempered glass protectors here


mobile phone accessories tempered glass

Tempered glass protectors are normally £8. Have your phone repaired with us and we can offer this to you at £6. We will even fit it for you at no additional cost.



We stock a wide range of bluetooth speakers ranging from small pocket size speakers to large garden entertainment speakers. Below are some of the new speakers we have in stock. Feel free to call in store where we can demo any speaker for you. Our smaller speakers are perfect for a weekend away with family, while the larger ones are great for entertaining at home or in the garden.

They’re compatible with any bluetooth enabled device, and you can stream music from your smartphone using various services