Sony unlock

Before we can process the unlock, we nee dto ensure the phone can be unlocked. With the normal SIM card inserted, please dial *#*#7378423#*#*. You will see a service menu. Please select Service Info, then SIM card. You will see a list of locks on the phone. This list will determine if the phone can be unlocked. If you see a * next to network, and the number beside it is higher than 0, this phone can be unlocked. If the number is 0, unfortunately we cannot unlock this phone. Once you have checked this, please follow the instructions below.

To begin, enter your phone model and IMEI number in the form below. To find your IMEI number, dial *#06#. The IMEI number will be displayed on screen. Alternatively, go to Settings, General, About phone, IMEI information.

We will check your phone against a blacklist database before procesing your unlock.

Sony unlocks £25 and are usually processed in 4 working days. Currently all models are supported on UK networks. Please contact us if you have a phone imported from another country before requesting the unlock code. Please be very accurate when entering the IMEI number, as mistakes cannot be refunded once processing has started.

Enter the IMEI number

Enter the phone model

We will send the unlock code to your paypal email address once it has been processed. To input the unlocking code, insert the SIM card you wish to use and turn the phone on. You will see a screen asking for the unlock code. Enter the code we provide and press Unlock. You will see a breif confirmation message cinfirming the phone is unlocked.

If you do not see the confirmation message, please double check and try again. If the code fails a second time, contact us immediately before trying again. Too many failed attempts will lock the phone permanently.