Keypad, Rollerball and Trackpad Repairs


Whether you need new buttons for your phone because the numbers have worn off due to too much texting, or your keypad just doesn’t work, The Phone Doctor has what you need. Over time your phones keypad can become worn or damaged. Moisture from condensation or sweat can build up under the keys and corrode the contacts making your keys fail. We can repair or replace 99% of phone keypads.

Trackpads and Rollerballs

Do you keep sliding your thumb over that trackpad to scroll down and read your messages? Not getting anywhere? Chances are you’ve developed a fault with your trackpad, or your rollerball has run its last mile. Here at The Phone Doctor, we have the tools and skills to get your thumb back on the pad and get your ball rolling again. Typically with a Rollerball, it will pick up minute deposits of dirt and debris on your fingertips. As the ball moves around, it will drop these particles underneath and over time this will build up and cause your ball to stick and not roll anymore. A more modern Trackpad solved this problem, however it uses an infra-red light to detect movement. Just like the lights in your house, it will eventually burn out and require replacing.

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