Water Damage Repairs

“All liquid damage repairs are done in store”

 Condensation and Moisture Damage

 Postal or Walk-in Repairs  Water Damage Service Available

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Water Damage Treatment Service

We will need to know details  about the phone itself and

Find out what has happened and what is the current status of the phone.

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Information About Water Damage  

Phones are damaged by immersion in liquid or by exposure to condensation.Condensation damage means the phone does not have to go near water or be dropped in it

Phones taken into steamy rooms like  Kitchens and Bathrooms are likely to suffer from condensation damage at some point which Liquid can affect the phone working

Most liquids contain corrosive salts or chemicals and these remain in the phone and eat away at the phones electronic components and break soldered connections.

Simply drying your phone will not remove these deposits! If they remain they will continue to corrode the delicate internal components and your phone will die!

If your phone has suffered any form of water damage please do not try to dry out the handset. Even though the liquid will dry, it will aslo leave a corrosive residue that will eventually distroy your phone.

Charging a phone with water damage also risks further damage. Most phones have a colour change water indicator. A red dot indicates that water or liquid has entered the phone and this will normally invalidate your manufacturers warranty.

The mainboard of a phone or tablet is composed of several layers.We can only treat the top and bottom layer of the board. If any liquid has worked its way into the inner layers of the mainboard, it cannot be removed. This may cause the battery to drain quicker than normal, or even prevent us from repairing the device successfully. If your battery is draining quicker than normal after treatment, you may need to charge your device more regularly than normal, or carry an extra battery or portable charger as a backup. Batteries and portable chargers are available from us, simply send us an email with what you need and we will reply back with available stock and prices.

When you send your phone to us, we will begin work immediately by removing all traces of moisture using an ultrasonic bath and special cleaning chemicals. This usually removes 99% of the moisture in the phone. From here we heat the board to evaporate the solution used to clean the phone. Once this is complete, we can begin to check the circuit board for any components that have blown or are missing. After checking for faulty circuitry and replacing components as required, we attempt to power the phone on. If the initial treatment is successful, your phone should be working at this stage, but may still require additional parts. If your phone requires additional parts, we will contact you and inform you of what parts are required and how much they will cost. Getting to this stage can take several hours depending on the severity of the damage.

If you have dropped your phone in water, switch it off and send it to us immediately, i.e whilst it is still wet. In this way more of the corrosive salts remain disolved in the liquid and are easier to remove. Whether your phone has been dropped in liquid, splashed or damaged by condensation, the phone doctor has a 95% success rate on repairing water damage.

When working on your water damaged phone, we may need to rewrite the software. This will erase all information on the phone. When rewriting the software on an iPhone or iPad, we will need the iCloud username and password to bypass the initial configuration. This is a security feature put in place by Apple to prevent the sale of stolen phones. Without this information, it will delay your repair while we contact you. You can remove the iCloud lock on your phone without giving us the details by visiting icloud.com and disabling “Find My iPhone” from the account. This will remove the activation lock and allow us to continue with the repair.

There is NO WARRANTY on water damage repairs due to the nature of this repair.

The total price will depend on whether there is physical damage to the phone. Water damage usually costs between £30 to £36  to treat which is requested through Paypal as your phone arrives.

In some cases of water damage, electronic parts also need to be replaced such as the LCD, Speaker and Microphone. If any additional parts are required, we will inform you of the parts and cost. From there you can decide if you would like to continue with the repair. If we cannot repair your phone, or your phone requires additional parts and you think the cost outweighs the value of the phone, we will return the phone to you using your chosen delivery method. We are unable to refund the £30 paid for water damage treatment due to the complexity of the repair and the time spent to treat the phone.

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