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iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X repairs and services

iPhone  8, 8 plus and iphone X

iphone 8 Plus Repairs Online and Instore coming soon…

Software reflashing and updating currently available

We now offer a range of  accessories for iPhone 8 , iphone 8Plus and iphone X.







For Mobile Phone  Repairs, simply head to our home page where you can get an instant repair quote.
For help with your phone or to speak to one of our technicians about a repair, you can either contact us by phone, fill out our contact form, or send us an email.


Iphone 8/8 plus  and Iphone x  available are

wallet cases – various designs

gel or hard back cases – various designs

for charging – battery power packs, wifi charging docks, mains chargers, car chargers, usb leads, charging adaptors

headphones /  iphone 8/8 plus/7 headset adaptors

aux cables

bluetooth speakers




Download our app

You can now download our app for android, or use our dedicated mobile site for iOS to check a repair price, bok an appointment, of have your phone unlocked.

Just scan the QR code with your phone.

Android users may need to adjust security settings to allow the install. We recomend disabling non Play store installations once it is installed.

iPhone users will be automatically forwarded to a mobile friendly site. You can save this as a bookmark on your homescreen. 

iPhone circuit board repairs

We now offer a range of circuit board repairs for iPhones.

If you’ve attenpted to replace your own screen, or had it replaced somewhere else and it’s not working as intended, the circuit board may be damaged. Our technicians are capable of repairing damage to the connectors on the mainboard in order to get your phone working again.

Circuit board repairs include FPC connectors, backlight filters and charging regulators. For more details, visit this page.