Signal or Reception Repairs

Repair signal Problems

Having trouble getting reception? Phone cutting off every time a call connects? Probably the most annoying faults you can get with your mobile phone are the intermittent loss of signal reception or a complete loss of reception rendering the phone unusable. Causes can range from simple parts failure or software issues, to loose chips or soldered connections on the motherboard. We can diagnose the casue and repair your phone.

signalThere are also a few known cases of a faulty design of the handset to cause some reception issues. The most common example of this is the iPhone 4. Upon its initial release, holding the phone in a certain manner would result in a gradual loss of signal. A software update resolved a large part of this problem and the iPhone 4 now has reliable reception. If you have an iPhone 4 and are still experiencing signal loss when holding the device in a certain manner, you can purchase a Bumper case or Gel. This resolves the usual “death grip” reception issue

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