Mobile Phone Repair Specialists


Q: What repairs can you do?
A: We repair Mobile Phones, iPads tablets and laptops. This covers all hardware and software faults. We also offer a selection of repairs for Gaming Consoles. We work both instore and online

Q: How Can I Get A Repair To You
A: The Phone Doctor  is located in  the centre of Pontefract town and you will find us inside the well established Indoor market hall which opens 6 days a week. There is plenty of parking close by so you can bring in your repairs or shop. Alternatively you can send postal repairs in for phones and tablets only

Q: How do I go about a postal repair?
A: You can post the phone or tablet in to us .  We have a contact form on our contact page  here

Q: Do you work on water damage?
A: Yes, we offer a water damage treatment service for phones, tablets and laptops.
This is a not refundable treatment fee, which takes a few days. The outcome of this to be confirmed and if does respond any parts will be quoted as optional.

Q: How long does a Repair take ?
A: From 1 Hour!

Q: Do you unlock phones to use on different networks and how much does it cost?
A: Yes we unlock phones and the price will be confirmed depending on your model and current network upon enquiry.

Q: How do I Pay online?
A: Online we request payment using PayPal.

Q: Can I buy items from your website?
A: Yes any items can be purchased from our Store. Click here to have a look.