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Hydrogel Screen Protection

Hydrogel Screen Protection is the Preferred choice by our customers to protect their devices.

Each hydrogel protector is precisely cut to for your model and expertly applied for you.

*MORE SHOCK RESISTANT – In a nutshell  Its got more shock absorbency than tempered glass but without the brittleness.

*TOUCH – The hydrogel film offers great protection whilst allowing your touch screen to work seamlessly.

*FINGERPRINT – Some phones featuring under screen fingerprint scanners don’t work properly with glass protectors. This isn’t an issue with Hydrogel protectors

*SCRATCH RESISTANT – This hydrogel film is made to withstand up to 10,000 touches .

*PRIVACY – Hydrogel protectors are available in both clear or Privacy. Privacy protectors turn black when viewed at an angle, so people can’t look over your shoulder and see what you’re doing.  This is great for security as people won’t see what passwords you may be typing on your phone.


Please note as we always say to our customers, “Nothing in the world is fool proof”. No skin film wrapping , glass or case can guarantee that your phone will not get scratched , damaged or broken, but it can definitely HELP and can easily be removed.