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Audio Repairs

Speaker problems

We can replace a faulty speaker on 99% of mobile phones. Symptoms of a faulty speaker are:

  • You can not hear music when played
  • The speaker crackles
  • The sound is really quiet even on full volume

Earpiece problems

If you suddenly find you can’t hear anybody in a call, chances are your earpiece is damaged. Common symptoms of a damaged earpiece are:

  • You can’t hear your caller.
  • Your caller sounds distorted.
  • The sound is low

Microphone problems

We can replace a faulty microphone on 99% of mobile phones. Symptoms of a faulty microphone are:-

  • People not being able to hear you.
  • Cutting out.
  • People say you sound as though you are in a tunnel.
  • People say you sound distorted.

There is often a bigger reason to having an audio problem. The most common cause of speaker damage is moisture. You can get moisture damage even if your phone hasn’t been near any water. You can get it from rain, condensation, steam or even sweat. The moisture gets into the delicate components and starts corroding them, resulting in a loss of audio quality or even failure. We have the capability to diagnose the fault you’re having and replace any components required.

No sound when recording videos

There are usually two microphones in a phone. The main one is used when in a call, and is normally at the bottom of the phone. The other is commonly used for recording videos and more advanced noise cancellation features your phone may have.  This second microphone is usually near the top of the phone, or on the back next to the camera

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