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Charging Port Repairs

“Connecting a charger to your phone and nothing is happening”

Repair Charging Faults Service

If you are connecting a charger to your phone and nothing is happening then either your phones internal charging block maybe damaged, the battery has expired or your mains charger is at fault.

We can repair charging faults on 99% of mobile phones and tablets. Occasionally, a repair on your charging block may prevent you from using the USB capabilities of your phone. It is all dependent on how the port breaks and if it is fully repairable.

Main causes of damage to the charging port are:

  • Charger being pushed in too hard or on the wrong angle.
  • Debris or “pocket fluff” inside the port.
  • Moving the cable near the connector while charging the phone.
  • Pulling on the cable while charging.

While it may appear you can get the phone to charge by holding the cable in a particular position, doing so can actually cause more damage to the phone and could potentially cause a short circuit.

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Charging Regulators

If your iPhone is not charging, it may be possible that the charging port itself is fine, but your charging regulator is damaged instead. A charge regulator works in a similar way to the starter motor in a car. If the battery is below a certain threshold, the charging regulator takes over and allows the phone to charge. If the regulator isn’t working, your phone will appear to charge as normal if it is above the critical threshold, but will not charge if the battery drops below it. We can test your charging regulator to see if it is working properly. A repair to your iPhone charge regulator starts at £56 depending on model, and can take a few days to complete.

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External Chargers

If you’re having problems with charging your phone, but don’t want to have it repaired, you could use one of our Multi Chargers instead. They’re compatible with almost any phone battery. Simply remove the battery from the phone and connect it to the charger*. The battery will charge as normal. The only downside to this method, is not being able to use the phone while the battery is charging, but many people buy a spare battery. Multi Chargers are £10 and available in store or with £5.50 postage to send one to you.

*not compatible with batteries built into the phone eg. iPhones, Samsung S6, S7 etc. Colour and style may vary

multicharger (Large)

Wireless chargers

If your phone supports wireless charging, such as the latest Samsung Galaxy phones, or the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, you can charge your phone without plugging it in. Plug in your wireless charger, and place your phone on top, it will begin charging. Wireless chargers are available in store from £20, or we can send one to you for an additional £5.50 postage.