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FPC connector repairs

FPC connector repairs

We specialise in micro soldering.

No FIX NO FEE POLICY * If we cannot repair your phone, we would only charge for return postage of £5.50 for first class recorded delivery, or £8.75 for next day special delivery.

Please only send a complete phone. We will not work on a phone if we only receive the mainboard. These repairs can take around 3 to 4 working days.

If the phone is water damaged, we will be unable to repair these components.

Please do not send if your phone is water damaged.

We can repair or replace delicate internal components on Iphones

If you’ve tried to replace the screen on your iPhone and found yourself with a row of grey bars,  intermittent or unresponsive touch faults, then you may have a damaged touch control IC, or you could have damaged one of the FPC connectors on the mainboard.

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We can repair the following  FPC connectors and components

  • Charging FPC Connector
  • Battery FPC connector
  • Power and volume button FPC connector
  • Front camera and proximity sensor FPC connector
  • LCD screen FPC Connector
  • Touch digitizer FPC Connector
  • Rear Camera FPC Connector
  • Home Button FPC Connector



In order for us to repair some of these tiny components, we have to remove the protective shielding on the mainboard. This will void any warranty, and may invalidate any insurance policy you have on your phone. If you’re sending your phone to us for a repair like this, please make sure the phone has been fully activated, or the icloud account has been removed from the phone. This will allow us to test everything once the repair is complete. If the phone is activation locked, we will not be able to test the phone phone and touch screen. It is very important the phone is either fully activated, or not locked with iCloud. You can disable activation lock on your phone by disabling the “Find my iPhone” option on


If your phone has any of the issues mentioned above, please contact us for assistance using our contact form, email or by calling us on 01977 695763. Our dedicated team will be happy to help. You can also select these repairs from our online repair form here