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Did you know?

The display on a typical phone is made up of two parts, the LCD display plus a Lens or Glass that protects the delicate LCD. The display on a smartphone or iPhone is a one piece component comprising an LCD display with a touch screen sensor called a Digitizer, although sometimes the LCD and Digitizer can be separate components.

The type of digitizer can vary between handsets. The digitizer on an iPhone and more modern smartphones is made of glass and is known as a capacitive digitizer, while some older phones have a resistive digitizer. While they both do a similar job, the newer capacitive touch screens are much better quality and are more common on newer phones.

The 3 main reasons for your mobile phone LCD screen cracking, or the phone having DIGITIZER  touch screen problems are:

1 The mobile phone has been dropped.

2 The mobile phone has been carried in a back pocket. This results in compression and excess pressure  on the display causing it to twist and eventually crack.

3 Something heavy hit or fell on the phone.

4 If your display still works but there is a visible crack over it, then this is the lens or digitizer that has cracked and we can easily replace this part for you.

5 If the display is unreadable or has a black/blue stain on it, then this is likely to be an LCD fault and again we can easily replace this part for you.

6 The price of a replacement screen does vary according to phone model, so please use our 3 step online quote. If you can’t find your model of phone send us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to help get a price for your repair.

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