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Software Repair Diagnosis

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A mobile phone  or tablet can develop a software fault at any time and at any age. Even a brand new device may require its software to be replaced or updated. If the software is not up to date or is faulty it may cause the device to have any of the following symptoms:

  • Switching on and off.
  • No signal.
  • Buttons not working.
  • Not powering on.
  • Select options on its own.
  • Rings out on its own.
  • Runs extremely slowly.
  • White screen or flashing on and off.
  • Freezing on the starting logo
  • Forgotten pin code or password (we cannot remove Apple iCloud accounts )


Try and recall how the device was used prior to the problems starting, particulary any changes you made to its setup. This will help us to treat your phone and advise you on future preventative measures. Even if you cannot think of specific events our skilled technical team can still analyse and identify software problems.

There is no slider selected or the slider was deleted.

Please note that if your phone or tablets software needs to be reflashed, this process will clear your device memory, so you should back up your contacts and personal data before sending phone to us , eg. photos, contacts. There are many Cloud services to help you back up your data, iPhones normally automatically back up to iCloud, and android phones can be set to back up contacts automatically too. Restoring data after the software reflash is complete is as easy as logging into the same account or service used to back up your data, and following the instructions provided. In many cases, the data restore is automatic once you have signed in.

We always recommend you make a regular backup of important data  Also please note that phones can be affected by viruses in the same way as computers. Reloading personal data after a succesful software repair may infect the phone a second time with the same virus. A software repair is usually done in around 1 hour so can normally be returned or collected the same day it arrives with us.
If you have forgotten the password or pin code for your phone or tablet, rewriting the software would restore the device to factory settings, meaning you can continue to use your device, however all user content will be erased. Unfortunately we cannot remove the iCloud account from an iPhone if you have forgotten the account details. You will need to contact Apple directly if you have forgotten your iCloud account details.

The software of a repaired phone is fully tested to check it is free of faults before it is returned. If the phone is subsequently re-infected is not a failure of our repair and further repairs would be at our standard charges.

Please contact the Phone Doctor on 01977 695763 or by email for a thorough diagnosis. A typical software repair takes around 1 hour in store, or on the same day your phone arrives if you send it to us, subject to the root cause of the problem or further investigation


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