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Water Damage Repairs

All liquid damage repairs are done in store.

Information About Water Damage  

If your phone has suffered any form of water damage please do not try to dry out the handset or try charging the phone. 

Most phones have a colour change water indicator. A red dot indicates that water or liquid has entered the phone and this will normally invalidate your manufacturers warranty.

✔ Send your phone to us , we will begin work immediately by removing all traces of moisture within the phone

 Now we can begin to check the circuit board for any components that are damaged or corroded.

If the  initial treatment is successful at this stage, but may require additional parts, we will quote as required -this is optional if you wish to go ahead

There is no slider selected or the slider was deleted.

When working on your water damaged phone, we may need to rewrite the software. This will erase all information on the phone. When rewriting the software on an iPhone or iPad, we will need the iCloud username and password to bypass the initial configuration. This is a security feature put in place by Apple to prevent the sale of stolen phones. Without this information, it will delay your repair while we contact you. You can remove the iCloud lock on your phone without giving us the details by visiting and disabling “Find My iPhone” from the account. This will remove the activation lock and allow us to continue with the repair.

  There is NO WARRANTY on water damage repairs due to the nature of this repair.

Water treatment costs £30.00 – payments requested via Paypal upon arrival

Any parts required will be quoted as optional extras

Water treatment costs £30.00 and is not refundable due to complexity and time spent

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