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Fill in the form below for a quote to repair your phone or tablet. We will send you a confirmation email with any additional instructions and confirm the price for the fault you have.

LCD screen (more details)If you have black patches, distortion or just simply nothing showing on your screen, you may have damaged your LCD.
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Digitizer (more details)If you’re pressing on your screen but nothing is happening, you may have damaged the Digitizer. The digitizer is the touch screen sensor for your phone, and is usually part of the LCD screen on most phones.
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Back glassMany new phones now have a glass back which allows for features such as Wireless charging. These glass backs are fragile and may break if dropped or banged. We offer a glass back replacement service.
HousingIf you have dents around your phone, or the phone is bent from a drop, you will need to replace the housing. Using a phone with damaged housing can cause a short circuit and prevent the phone from working properly. We offer housing replacement service
Software faults (more details)If your phone keeps freezing, restarting, or telling you something has stopped, you may have a software fault. If possible, we recommend you backup any important data before doing a software repair, as this will wipe the phone.
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Liquid damage (more details)If your phone has liquid damage, it would need to be treated as soon as possible to minimise additional faults.
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Battery replacementIf your battery is draining quicker than normal, we offer battery replacement service . Batteries wear down over time or they sustain damage from things as liquid damage, or using faulty or cheap chargers
Charging port (more details)If you can’t charge your phone or connect it to a computer, you may have damaged the charging port.
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Wireless charging coilIf your phone is compatible with Wireless charging, but doesn’t charge when placed on a charger, then the coil may be damaged. We can replace wireless charging coils.
Microphone (more details)If you find people can’t hear you in a phone call, the microphone may be at fault.
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Earpiece (more details)If you can’t hear anybody when in a call, or the caller sounds distorted, the earpiece may need to be replaced.
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Loudspeaker (more details)If your phone doesn’t ring, or there’s no sound in music or videos, the speaker may need to be replaced.
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Headphone jackIf your headphones don’t work when connected to your phone, but they work in other devices, the headphone jack could be at fault. We can replace this
Power buttonIf your power button does not power on your phone normally, you have a damaged power button which is caused by things like excessive force, a faulty battery ,liquid entering the phone or simply needing a power button replacement. We can replace both power buttons or power button flexes
Volume buttonIf your volume button does not control the volume on your phone normally, you have a damaged volume button which is caused by things like excessive force , liquid entering the phone or simply needing a volume button replacement. We can replace both volume buttons or volume button flexes.
Main cameraIf your photos are blurry or have spots in random places, or the camera won’t focus, it could mean the camera may be damaged. A common problem with a liquid damaged phone is water droplets inside the camera. We can replace your phone cameras.
Front cameraIf you can’t get the front camera / selfie camera to focus or you can see spots in the photos, you could have a faulty or damaged front camera. We can replace this
Camera lensThe camera lens is important to protect the fragile camera inside. It helps prevent dust and dirt getting inside the phone and damaging the camera. We can replace this.
Proximity sensor This sensor controls your screen when in a phone call. A correctly working sensor will disable the screen, preventing you from pressing buttons with your cheeks and hanging up on people by mistake. To test your proximity sensor, make a phone call and cover the top of your screen with your hand. The screen should turn off, and then light up again when your hand is removed. If you have a fault with your proximity sensor, we are able to repair it.
SIM card readerIf you insert your sim card correctly, but the phone still says “Insert SIM”, you may have a damaged SIM card reader. We can replace the SIM card reader.
FPC connectors (more details)FPC connectors are usually damaged from incorrect fitting of replacement parts, or corrosion from liquid damage.
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Signal faults (more details)We can diagnose and repair phone with low signal or no service.
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WiFi faults (more details)We can diagnose and repair devices with poor WiFi signal.
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No audio in recorded videos (more details)If you have recorded a video only to find there’s no sound, it could be the video mic that is faulty.
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If your device has any passwords, we will need to know them so we can fully test it. If possible, you may wish to disable the passwords.